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"The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller.  The storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda of an entire generation that is to come."  - Steve Jobs

The world has changed ... and people have changed.

Can you feel it ?

There is a great awakening happening and no longer can we communicate in the old superficial ways.

Creating videos that make you sound like a used car salesman will send your audience running for the hills.

People are starving for meaning and wisdom.

If you have a message of hope ... encouragement or motivation ... this will be very valuable to you.

Imagine how many lives will be touched by your stories .. your wisdom ... your encouraging words.

Or imagine how many new clients you will attract to your business once you resonate on a deeper level and stand out.

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"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." Nikola Tesla

By creating videos that carry a high vibration with positive messages ... you will impact the universe.  Raise people's vibration.

All communication carries a vibration ... an exchange of energy.

People are Searching for Positive & Motivational Videos

When I first started creating this style of videos in 2009 ... I had my first ever viral video ... and I have never looked back.  I became obsessed with learning everything I could to create even better videos.

Over the years many people have asked me to show them how I create my own videos ... so I collected some of my best "Secrets" ... and shared them in my guide below ...

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Here is just a small taste of what you will find in the guide on how to make a motivational video

How to make Motivational & Inspirational Videos ...

Step 1 - Know your Audience

Your message will not resonate with everyone.  Take care to shape your motivational or inspirational message so that it is speaking to your specific audience.  If you try to speak to everyone ... you will speak to no one.  Be authentic and vulnerable.

Take time to know their deepest fears, dreams and visions for the future.  Their struggles and wins.

Step 2 - Write your Message

One of the best ways to do this ... is to "Write a letter to a friend"

But there are many types of inspiring or motivational videos to create:

  • quote videos do amazingly well
  • visual storytelling videos
  • motivational speeches in videos
  • words of wisdom videos
  • fable videos
  • inspiring messages videos
  • encouraging story videos ... etc

While the common motivational speeches that many people use from famous people are very moving ... unless you get permission to use other peoples voice overs ... you could get into a lot of trouble with copyright issues.

That is why I prefer to come up with my own messages.

Step 3 - Hire a Voice Over Artist

When hiring the right voice over creator ... you need to focus on the tone.  You could find a person with an amazing voice but when they read your script it sounds salesy like a TV commercial.  You don't want that.

I find the best voice over artists to hire are the ones who can do storytelling and book narration.  They can do a great job of the tone you prefer.  Sometimes you don't always get the tone you want so you can read your script yourself also.  It depends on your confidence in doing so.  I always hire because I like to leave it up to the experts.

Step 4 - Choose the Right Music

Although some might disagree with me ... I feel from my experience that the choice in music has the biggest impact on the over all vibe of the video than anything else.  Choosing the wrong music will take away from everything else.  Spend the most time here choosing the right audio track and you won't regret it.  It will carry the most weight.

Step 5 - Find The Perfect Footage

Since we are mostly using stock video footage ... we will be safe from copyright issues that can come along from using other peoples footage such as from movies etc which is a big no no.

Although it is tempting ... it is not worth it in the end.  Plus there are so many amazing ways to alter the footage to make it uniquely your own so it stands out and is unrecognizable.

I share multiple of my favorite stock video footage places in the guide.

Step 6 - Throw it all into a pot & Boil for 30 mins ... jk

Once you have gathered all of your ingredients for your motivational or inspirational videos ... it is time to start importing all of your video assets into the video editing software of your choice.

There are many choices ... ranging from easy to use to ones to the ones that will make you overwhelmed because they are so hard for a beginner.  I go into more detail in the guide ...

I prefer easy to use software that is not too limiting in what you can do.  When you are being creative you don't want to deal with software limitations.

Step 7 - Once it is done ... make it pretty !

Once the video is mostly finished ... you can add transitions, animations, and cool other effects that make it uniquely yours.

Many videos that use stock footage they use the same videos and it is noticeable.

You can add transitions and animations or even blending footage to make it yours alone.

Step 8 - Export, upload and share ...

That's is ...

Once you get to this point you just export your video to your desktop and then from there you can upload to any of the multiple sites like YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo.

Then you can share your link ...and hopefully you did such an amazing video that people will share it far and wide for you !

For more of my personal tips ... grab your copy of the guide where it goes into more details.


With everyone stuck in their homes these days ... some words of encouragement are like finding a gold nugget.  I always loved the Nikola Tesla quote  ...

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration - Nikola Tesla

I believe all forms of media are just an exchange in energy.  Just another form of food really.  It is comical that nobody speaks of media being like a form of food but we do consume it.  And it does make us feel a certain way after just like food does.

This I feel will be the next frontier.  To deliberately watch videos that impact your consciousness in a positive way and avoiding the kind that makes us feel crappy.

It is already on the rise.

Rising consciousness ...

Raising the vibrations ...

Power of positive thinking ...

All some of the most powerful forces in the world ...

Right up there with the power of the Human Spirit

Once ignited ... the human spirit can change the vision of the world quickly.

So if your job is to impact the Human Spirit in a positive way then you know you will change the world for the better.

I really believe in this project  ... so many people right now are rising up to create video messages of hope and encouragement.

To Raise consciousness.

To remind people to see their great potential and the power they have in them.

Are you one of us ?


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